Building Conduit CQRS Elixir

Applying CQRS/ES to an Elixir and Phoenix web app.

Building Conduit book cover

Discover why functional languages, such as Elixir, are ideally suited to building applications following the command query responsibility segregation and event sourcing (CQRS/ES) pattern.

Learn how to implement this architecture in a Phoenix web application to build an exemplary clone.

About the Book

You will be shown how to build an exemplary blogging platform. You will build a functional, event sourced domain model along with a read model optimised for querying.

This book is for anyone who has an interest in CQRS/ES and Elixir.

Implementing CQRS in Elixir CQRS Elixir

An introduction to implementing the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architecture in Elixir applications.

The guide describes how the following libraries have been designed. Allowing you to build your own Elixir applications adhering to the principles of CQRS/ES architecture.

  • Building functional, event-sourced domain models using eventsourced.
  • Using the eventstore to persist events to a PostgreSQL database.
  • Command registration and dispatch; delegation to aggregate roots; event handling; and long running process managers using commanded.

The reader should be familiar with the Elixir programming language and the basic principles of domain-driven design.